Best Metal Bands of All Time

Metal music is one of the music genres characterized by distorted guitars, loud volume and deep theoretical themes. The 1960’s saw an explosion of ‘popular’ music where rock and roll dominated. Rock and roll stars are seen as the largest contributors to the metal music genre which exploded in the following decade. It is believed that the birthplace of metal music was in Birmingham England. Band boys like the ‘Black Sabbath’ and ‘Deep Purple’ started experimenting with thundering bass guitars, riffing lead guitars and hard pounding drums which eventually lead to the birth and dominance of metal music. To date, metal music has managed to gunner a huge religious following and still has a big command in the music industry. Here are some of the leading metal bands of all time:

Black Sabbath

Scientists claim that the origin of life started with the big bang theory. The same way, this band ‘Black Sabbath’ is seen as the originator of the metal genre in music. This quartet came from Birmingham in England at an age where people were economically depressed during the time the world was going through an industrial revolution. The group came up with their own line of hard knock lyrics that went against the norm. Songs like ‘sweet leaf’ popularized drug use while ‘war pigs’ seemed to hit at the political class.

Deep Purple

This quartet followed on the footprints of Black Sabbath. They hailed from the north London region and they continued to popularize the heavy metal music. They only stood out from their predecessors in that all the bands members were professional musicians. Their skills in playing musical instruments at the time were unparalleled. They also had some pretty deep lyrics like in the single ‘burn’. They also managed to extend the borders of the genre and had quite some unique dressing codes.

Judas Priest

The late 70’s was an era where metal music was exploding and there needed someone to push the limits. Well, Judas Priest was strategically placed at the time having hailed from Birmingham as well. They managed to synchronize the old simple metal style of the Black Sabbath with the more recent technical style of the Deep Purple. They entered the stage with a unique dress code entirely leather made, and full of studs and earrings. They managed to merge this dress code with the deep metal sound which has become an iconic dress code for metal lovers.

Iron Maiden

The Iron Maiden came into the scene with the ‘New Wave Of British Heavy Metal (NWOBHM)’. This happened during the early 1980’s, where they introduced a much faster beat and an aggressive sound. The Iron Maiden emulated the style of their predecessors but improved on the stage shows and the lyrics. They are one of the largest NWOBHM bands of the time.


During the late 80’s metal music had started spreading all around the world gaining a huge following. North and South America was starting to adopt this genre, including the whole of Europe. Technology was also advancing which introduced new and modern instruments that enhanced the metal sound both in production and during live shows. Metallica emerged during this season where bands were now racing for the fastest and heaviest sounds in the industry. Metallica emerged as icons adding a good life and partying theme to their lyrics.