Most Popular Metal Festivals

Hipster rock and fancy pop and sappy love songs may have dominated Billboard and the music industry, but it does not mean that other genres have faded into thin air. Metal music, once the dominant and popular genre is still present, and this type of music is still dominating the airwaves and the hearts of many, if you know where to turn to. For the best performances from metal bands, head on to this year’s top metal festivals scheduled around the world.

Heavy metal albums from top metal bands like Judas Priest and Marilyn Manson are expected to be released this year, and new metal festivals are planned in the next few months. Yes, heavy metal music has its own set of festivals as well catering to the needs of music lovers and enthusiasts who love music on the heavy, banging side. If you belong to the heavy metal group and love the head-banging companionship of other music lovers, then better plan ahead, and attend the following most popular metal music festivals.

Experience the Premier Metal Festival With Download

When: June 9 to 11, 2017

Hosted at the Donington Park, Derby, United Kingdom, Download is considered the most popular and important metal music festival in the UK. Taking its cue from the famed Monsters of Rock., Download has become the perfect venue for the most popular and celebrated metal bands to come together. It is expected that the same A-list of bands will grace the event, including Rage Against the Machine, Aerosmith and System of A Down. The organizers recently released its comment sheet, allowing music lovers and attendees to submit comments and recommendations to improve the festival.

Go Wild at Wacken Open Air

When: August 3 to 5, 2017

Get ready to be wild, thanks to a loaded list of metal and rock bands that are set to join the Wacken festival. Set at Wacken, Germany, the show list of performers include Marilyn Manson, Mayhem, Alice Cooper and Napalm Death. Although this was started with local bands in mind, it has grown into a global metal music event, attracting popular bands and fans around the world.

Desertfest-An Easter Essential to Rock Your World

When: April 28 to 30, 2017

If you’re in London during Easter, head to Camden and experience a rocking indoor music festival. Although Satan’s Satyrs informed the organizers that they will not be participating in this year’s edition, there are other hot acts to look forward too. Participants can enjoy the music from Groundhogs, Sleep, Wolves in the Throne Room and John Garcia from Kyuss.

Hellfest Summer Open Air- Your Extreme Music Fest in Europe

When: June 16 to 18, 2017

Based from the Fury Fest, Hell Fest has solidified its standing as one of the finest metal music festivals in the world. Although the festival has its own set of controversies, including complaints from Associations Familiales Catholiques (AFC) for its use of name of music, Hell Fest has thrived. This year, participants at Clisson, France can count on the music of The Damned, Pentagram, Rob Zombie and Deep Purple.